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Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction

We believe that high-quality classroom instruction is essential for academic progress and the key to closing achievement gaps among racial, ethnic, linguistically diverse, and socioeconomic groups of students. With that in mind, we encourage staff to develop and use standards-driven/data-driven instructional strategies and approaches that will engage students deeply in their own learning and achievement.

Curriculum and educational standards help define what schools will teach students in a given grade and subject area. They act as a map for educators to ensure that what students learn is consistent across Paso Robles Joint Unified School District. California state standards are used to identify concepts, knowledge, rigor, and skills students need to master.

Instructional Action Plan

Best First Teaching:  Interactive Instruction

Interactive Instruction is a method of intentionally planning instruction using models appropriate for learning. This planning method asks teachers to focus on:

  1. Standards and Measurable Objectives
  2. Lesson Structure and Sequence (Models of Instruction)
  3. Student Engagement, Feedback, and Correctives
  4. Proactive Classroom Management 


Each of these essential components has identifiable, explicit, observable characteristics that differentiate it from the other three and from traditional approaches to instruction.  Best First Teaching: Interactive Instruction, as a set of teacher planning and delivery techniques, can be applied to all content areas and grade levels.


The Whole Child