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Paso Robles Joint Unified School District is committed to keeping staff, families, and the community informed about all that goes on within the District through various communication means.


We believe parents/guardians are crucial to providing our students with the best possible education. When families and communities are involved in their children’s education, students attend school more regularly, stay in school longer, and perform at higher levels.


The school district communicates and keeps families informed of school and community events relevant to our Guiding Principals through ParentSquare, our primary family communications tool.  PRJUSD schools frequently communicate with parents/guardians on upcoming events such as parent/teacher conferences, Back to School, and Spirit Week to help engage their students with school activities, and much more.


The District believes in community partnerships. Everyone benefits when families, schools, and community institutions work together collectively. Schools enjoy the informed support of families and community members, families experience many opportunities to contribute to their children's education, and communities look forward to an educated, responsible workforce.


A way that we support our community organizations is by helping them promote their community event.

PRJUSD has contracted with Peachjar to transition from paper flyers to electronic mail delivery to our families. Flyers are now distributed through email to all parents.  Additionally, we allow our community organizations to publicize their event by providing posters or hanging a banner at our school site(s). The posters and banners link to the right provides a poster and banner request form with the details on submitting such a request.


The district continues looking for ways for a broader collaborative and coordinated family and community engagement system.

News Media

The district feels strongly about welcoming the news media.  Although it is the role of the press to inform the public on issues relating to education, we believe it’s a way to remain transparent and engage the public with the district’s current events. News media is a great way to focus on student success and inspirational stories.


For media requesting district information, please contact Monica Silva to organize an interview with the proper staff personnel.