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School Connected Organizations and Booster Clubs

Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Board of Trusteees approves guidelines for parent organizations to follow.  These groups include booster clubs, PTAs, PTOs, PTSAs, foundations, parent auxiliary school organizations, and other types of parent organizations. 
California Education Code Section 51521 requires that all orgnizations that conduct fundraising to benefit clubs, schools, or the district at the K-12 level, have prior approval from the district's governing board.
The School Board requires school-connected organiztions to submit an application, annually for review and approval. Please download the Guidelines for Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs for more information.  Best time to submit your annual Parent Organization/Booster Club Application is during months of June and July for next School Year.  This organization application must first be Board approved prior to submitting a Fundraiser Approval Form.
Once your annual applicaiton has been Board approved and ready to submit a fundraiser form, assure you have proper members signing the form.  You will need signatures from: Organizaiton Representative (organization Board member which was Board approved with annual application and on file at the D.O.), site Principal, Director of Schools (Dr. Joseph Williams) and CBO (Brad Pawlowski). 
*****Remember that your fundraiser form must be approved by the district at least one month prior to the event. Your event cannot and should not be advertised or any pre-sales conducted until you have received your approved fundraiser.
If your plan on selling food items during the school year on premisis, you need to read and comply with Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 3554.  Below is the BP and AR 3554.