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Workers Compensation

 What to do in Case of Injury 
1. Employee Reports the Injury
When an employee gets hurt on the job, they should immediately report the injury to their supervisor. When reporting an injury, they should include any and all information relevant to the injury, including the day it happened, the type of injury they sustained, and how and where it occurred. Step 2 must be done for all injuries 
2. Nurse Line Triage
The administrator together with the injured employee must call the  24/7 NURSE LINE 1-855-519-8472  to triage the injury and provide appropriate direction. If medical attention is needed, the Nurse Line will send authorization to our Workers' Comp medical provider immediately to notify them of necessary medical attention, the employee will visit an approved medical clinic for care. 
3.  Supervisor Accident Investigation Report (SAIR)
Together, the supervisor with the injured employee will complete the Supervisor's Accident Investigation Report and must email it to the Workers' Comp Clerk at  [email protected] within 24-HRS of the injury.
4. Return to Work Plan 
 After seeking medical attention the injured employee must visit the WC Clerk prior to returning to work. During this part of the workers’ comp claims process, the injured employee and employer work together to develop a personalized return-to-work (RTW) plan that fits both the employee's and employer’s needs. They start by looking at the occupation and the nature of work, detailing the job duties, and defining exactly what it is the employee does.
The job functions are stacked up against what the physician says the employee is capable of doing, given the state of their health and recovery. Light duty assignments are then determined to accommodate temporary restrictions.
RTW plan is uniquely tailored to the injured employee's needs and situation. Communication between the employer and employee ensures everything moves along smoothly so the worker can return to work quickly and safely.
What if an injured employee reports to work without visiting WC Clerk at the District Office?
Direct Injured employee to visit WC Clerk at District Office before beginning work assignment.
What if injured employee says they do not need medical attention?
All injuries must be reported, supervisor and employee must call the 24/7 Nurse line to report injury and an SAIR must be completed.  Injured employee can refuse medical attention during the phone call with  24/7 Nurse Line, and they must complete a Refuse of Medical treatment form. Should the injured employee later decide they need a medical evaluation, they can follow up with the  24/7 Nurse Line. 
If an employee has an injury not related to Workers Compensation and their physician has assigned work restrictions. Please contact Human Resources