NCAA References

What is the NCAA?

What is the NCAA?

The NCAA, or National Collegiate Athletic Association, was established in 1906 and serves as the athletics governing body for more than 1,300 colleges, universities, conferences and organizations. The national office is in Indianapolis, Indiana, but the member colleges and universities develop the rules and guidelines for athletics eligibility and athletics competition for each of the three NCAA divisions. The NCAA is committed to the student-athlete and to governing competition in a fair, safe, inclusive and sportsmanlike manner.


The Recruiting Process

The recruiting process is a deliberate process that allows student athletes to organize and distribute useful information to coaches across the U.S. This process consists of teamwork between coaches, counselors, parents, Universities and the NCAA. Paso Robles High School Athletics utilizes the HUDL film system for all of our athletic programs. This program allows  our athletes to create and distribute their own highlight films. This system is accessible by all University coaches across the U.S. Nothing is guaranteed but by being purposeful in our actions we can put your student athletes in the best possible position to be successful. 

The Following Resources will be utilized in the process: