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  • School Medication Administration


    1. All nonprescription medication must be in the original package/bottle, with the child’s name clearly marked on the container.  All prescription medication must be in the original pharmacy container with the correct information on the label.


    2. All medication, prescription and nonprescription, must be accompanied by a “Medication Administration Request” form with a parent/guardian signature and a physician’s signature.  Medication will only be administered at school the specified times noted on the form.  Any changes in dose, time or medication will require a new form and a new container with the correct pharmacy information.


    3. The above rules still apply to any medication a student may need to carry with them, such as Epipens or inhalers. Both the medication & the medication form must be checked in at the Health Office at the beginning of the school year. The physician must check “yes” on the form stating “Student may carry medication.” Emergency medications (Epipens etc.) must be accessible on the first day of school.