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New IT Helpdesk

Our IT Helpdesk has changed and can now be found at https://pasoroblesjusd.incidentiq.com.
To sign in, simply click "Google SSO" and log in with your District Google Account.
Submitting a ticket is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Click New Ticket
  2. Follow the options that describe the issue you are having.
  3. Add any additional information or context and click Submit Ticket.
You can also quickly create a ticket for a specific item checked out to you or assigned to your room.
  1. Click "My Assets"
  2. Select the item you need to submit a work order for, if you do not see your item simply create a new ticket using the above process.
  3. Click Submit Ticket
  4. Select the option that best describes the issue.
  5. Finally, add any additional information and click Submit Ticket.
To respond or update a ticket
  1. Click "My Tickets"
  2. Select the ticket you wish to respond to, add your commend and click "Add Comment."