Expanded Day Learning Program (ELOP)

ELOP off-site Locations:
PRJUSD utilizes its ELOP funds to work with community partners, ensuring priortized enrollments occur within the afterschool programs. The 24 -25 school year collaberations are still undergoing review and wil be listed here soon. 
ELOP on-site Locations:
  • Pat Butler Elementary - 700 Nicklaus Street (805) 237-3411
  • Kermit King Elementary- 700 Schoolhouse Circle (805) 769-1707
To be placed on the ELOP waiting list for on site programs please contact the office at 805-769-1050 or complete the Fillable ELOP Interest Form on this site. The school sites do not handle enrollment directly.
ELOP funded sites can serve children from any school site if space, funding and transportation are avaialble. Spaces at Pat Butler and Kermit King are prioritzed for qualifying families attending Pat Butler and Kermit King as their home school. Families attending Winfied Pifer, Virginia Peterson and Glen Speck should inquire about the on site  ASES program.
Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program hours*:
  • Monday - 12:00pm - 1:00pm 
  • Tuesday - Friday TK 12:00pm - 2:00 pm  
Afterschool program hours:
TK - 2nd grade
  • Monday 1:15 pm - 6:00pm
  • Tuesday - Friday 2:15 - 6:00 pm
3rd - 6th grade
  • Monday 1:25 pm - 6:00pm
  • Tuesday - Friday 2:25 - 6:00 pm
*If space allows, TK students may combine midday and afterschool program hours for a full day of care. 
All Programs close promptly at 6:00 pm daily.  
Additonal information regarding Expanded Learning Opportunity Programs.
  • ELOP on-site is an afterschool program which operates on school days. 
  • ELOP offers time for socialization, enrichment activities, snack, physical activity outdoors, and an opportunity for students to complete homework. This is not a tutorial program and staff cannot guarantee all homework will be completed.The time is provided for children to do the work, staff provide support as time allows. 
  • To qualify for services, families must meet the California Department of Education criteria for ELOP as follows: 
    1. Homeless
    2. Foster youth
    3. English language Learner
    4. Low income as determined by the free/ reduced lunch program and/or a families data confirmation page entry in Aeries
For families in need of services during non school days:
ELOP offers funded care through one or more of the community partners for 30 days in summer. See our afterschool webpage for more information After School Programs
There are many additional local agencies, businesses or non-profits who offer youth services during school vacations such as Boys and Girls' Club, Peoples Self Help Housing, YMCA, the City of Paso Robles, the local Swim and Tennis Club, etc. Please contact those locations directly to inquire about their services. For your convenience,  many of the program links are located on our After School Programs page. 
ELOP Office Staff