Career Pathways (Alternative to college & university) / Trayectorias profesionales (alternativa al colegio y la universidad)

Many students are unsure if they are heading to a college or university right after college.  Some students prefer to prepare for a career right after high school, and that's okay!  PRHS has many career pathways that can help prepare a student to start a career immediately after graduation.
Example Career Pathways include: Agriculture and Natural Science, Arts, Media and Entertainment, Building and Construction Trades, Business and Finance, Education and Training, Energy, Environment, and Utilities, Engineering and Architecture, fashion and Interior Design, Health Science and Technology, Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation, Manufacturing and Product Development, Marketing, Sales and Services, Public Services, Information & Communication Technologies, Transportation.
For information on how to get into a Career Pathway, contact Ms. Shatwell in the College and Career Center at [email protected] or (805) 769-1055 ext. 50020.  
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