Updated Second Semester Schedules

Please click here for the 12/18 Update Letter


Second-semester schedules will be available on the Student Aeries Portal and Parent Aeries Portal starting on December 19th. Please remember that significant changes were made to the master schedule to accommodate the request of our Bearcat families and therefore many, if not most, students’ schedules had to be changed.  If there is an issue with your schedule please go to www.pasoschools.org/prhs and complete the


PRHS Schedule Request/Issue Form

For Request to Change Cohort or Programs (AM/PM or Hybrid/Distance Learning please see the link below)


Our counselors will work on corrections as soon as they arrive back from Winter Break.  We will work through requests based on the following priorities: Graduation Status, A-G Completion, Incorrect Courses, Other Requests (elective changes will not be available).  Students will need to follow their new class schedules unless their counselor emails (student email) them an updated schedule.