August 2019: Welcoming a New Health Team Member! Tamara (Tammy) Vasquez LVN comes to Paso Robles School District with years of exerience working in a school setting.  Tammy has worked as a classroom paraeducator and as a school site nurse.  She is know for her "can do attitude" and willingness to do whatever is needed to support students. We are exited to invite her to the Paso Robles Team!  Tammy will be working at both Gerogia Brown Elementary and Pat Butler Elementary. 

Tammy Vasquez


May 2019: Preschool Students Learn about Germs!  Ashley Aiello, District Nurse and Kelly McNeal LVN visited with a group of students at Bearkittens preschool.  The students learned about germs, including covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing and keeping sores clean. 


Cover Your Cough