Workers' Compensation Information

  • How to report all EMPLOYEE ONLY accidents and injuries:

    Note: Student/non-employee injuries are documented using the Confidential School Incident Investigation Form & emailed to Pam Foster, in Student Services.

    1. All injuries must be documented.

    • CALL CareWorks at (855) 921-9517 FIRST to triage injury and provide approriate direction, and if needed, initiate Worker's Comp paperwork with MedPost, CareWorks will take care of it for you.
      • IMMEDIATELY after your appointment at MedPost, go see Monica Silva at the District Office with your paperwork received from MedPost.
    • Site Administrator, together with injured employee will complete the Supervisor's Accident Investigation Report and then email it to Monica Silva.
    • ADMINISTRATORS SHOULD NOT ALLOW EMPLOYEE TO RETURN TO WORK without first seeing injured employees RTW status, especially, if employee has restrictions.
    • Contact and email accident report to, Workers’ Comp Clerk: Monica Silva, within 24 hours of notice.
    • Employee not seeking medical must still call CareWorks and include a Refusal of Medical Treatment Form with the Supervisor's Accident Investigation Report (even if first aid is given). Should employee later want to seek medical, they can follow up with CareWorks 24/7, easier,faster service than trying to hunt down staff and get their referral to the district's medical provider at that moment.

    3. Use correct forms and submit to Workers’ Comp Clerk

    • Forms are all fillable and need to be typewritten and submitted via email, not faxed.
    • Give facts not assumptions when completing form and include signed and dated witness statements (adults only-not students). No special form necessary.
    • Please make sure every box on form is marked; one missed box could delay the process.
    • SIPE Accident Report form must be completed by site Administrator and the injured employee.
    • Do not delay submitting forms due to lack of signature.

    4. Avoid costly mistakes:

    • You have been told an employee was injured but does not want to make a report.
    • If they told you about it, they just made a report to you. You are now required to document the injury with a report anytime a work-related injury is reported to you.
    • Any incident or injury that occurs on a district site or at a district-sponsored event needs to be reported.