• March 2019- Congratulations to Lolita Rivers LVN!  Lolita was named the classified employee of the year at Lewis Middle School for the 2018-2019 school year due to her gentle nature and support for students and teachers. Help us celebrate Lolita and all of our wonderful employees May 7, 2019 at the Employee of the Year Celebration.

    Lolita Rivers


    The role of the School Nurse is to provide medical leadership in the school community to oversee school health policies and programs.   The school nurse serves in a pivotal role to provide expertise on health services and promotion of health education.

    Nursing support staff working at the site level are Licensed Vocational Nurses.  The district currently employees seven LVNs who are each assigned to one or two school sites.  The role of the site nurse is to manage immediate medical emergencies, promote health among students on a daily basis, assist with medication administration (injections), and providing specialized nursing procedures.

    The district employs one Health Assistant.  Her primary role is to support the health care needs of the district by assisting secretaries with oral medication administration, first aid interventions, coordinating health screenings and maintaining health records.