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    The Little PEPers program is one of the district's Early Intervention Special Education Preschool Programs. The Little PEP(Preschool Education Program)ers classes are one hour parent participation sessions that focus on speech, language, gross motor, fine motor, and pre-academic skills.

    The Little PEPers assessment team consists of Education Specialists, Speech and Language Pathologists, and an Education Psychologist. Two teams work with preschools, pediatricians, and families in order to evaluate students strengths and areas of need. Screenings and assessments are done to determine if students qualify to receive services and which class would be most appropriate for a student’s individual needs.

    Our goal is to provide high quality early intervention services so that all children will have success in the school setting.

    We are excited to participate with you and your child in this parent involvement program. When all registration paperwork is complete, you will receive a phone call from one of our staff letting you know that you can start attending.

    Little PEPer classes are designed to help parents and students experience success in the school setting. Activities in small group centers are planned to foster development of the whole child while also focusing on their specific, individualized goals.

    Class Schedule

    Parent/Child Circle time (language, literacy and sound of the week)
    Parent Education (parents go to Room 3 to learn strategies to use at home)
    Gross Motor (students use their bodies for large muscle activites -- drama, dance, music)
    Center Rotation

    • Green Center - Speech and Language
    • Red Center - Dramatic Play with parent
    • Blue Center - Preacademic activities (writing, mathmatics, language and literacy)
    • Yellow Center - Art and Science

    Review and Goodbye Circle

    **Important  Information**

    • Class times: Please consult your calendar for classtimes. Only students enrolled in PEPers can attend -- No siblings or friends.
    • During class: Please silence cell phones and leave drinks and food in the car.
    • Absences: Please keep your child home when they are sick.
    • Please Call (769-1350) if your child is going to miss more than one session.
    • Clothing: Be aware that we do messy and fun activities. Also, tennis shoes are best for class.
    • Communication: We are available to conference with you as needed.
    • Please call or talk with us after your child’s class to set up  a conference time.

    We are looking forward to seeing you soon!
    Diana Makowetski and Jill Hollen

    Linda Stinson, Education Specialists Speech/Language Pathologist
    Michele Romero Mora Tinoco, Sp. Ed. Paraeducator Bilingual Sp. Ed. Paraeducator                                                                                      

    Arts Academy at Bauer Speck

    1626 Vine Street (Rooms 2 and 3 on the Bauer side)

    769-1350 ask for PEPers in Room 2

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Meet the Staff

  • Bauer Speck (Bauer Side)
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