Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

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    The AVID seniors went on a college trip on November 19 visiting California State University Stanislaus and University of Merced.  They had an opportunity to explore these two four year colleges as they were preparing their college applications.  Our AVID program is now reaching 220 students at the high school.  Over the past two years we had 100 percent of the the AVID seniors accepted to four year colleges.  Our present AVID seniors have all applied to four year colleges.  

    The AVID students participated in a Study-a-Thon last Friday December 9.  We had four teacher to help 60 students review for finals.  The students also worked in study groups assisting each other.  After studying and having pizza for dinner some of the student participated in games in the gym. We had a chance  to relax and unwind prior to taking finals.  
    On Saturday Angela Logan one of our AVID 11 and 12 teacher had the AVID student do community service by cleaning up trash at Sherwood Park.  There were 22 students who helped picked up two large bags of trash.