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    Leopard Outreach


    Virtual Clubs are a great way to make new friends!  Join one today!!

    Our student organizations have a lot to offer. Whether you join as a member or choose to lead one, simply taking part in an extracurricular group will enhance your overall school experience. Gaining skills, making connections, and broadening your knowledge through one of our many clubs will help you become a more well-rounded individual. We know middle school can be a difficult time. We want the transition to be easy! Here at Lewis Middle School, we hope to promote friendships, new interests, and connect each student to a support system as well as a caring adult.

    Have an idea for a club you want to create?

    Recruit an advisor today!!

     For more information about each virtual club, please contact the advisor:


    Kindness Club with Ms. Laird 

    • klaird@pasoschools.org
    • First Tuesday of each month at 2:45pm


    FNL with Ms. Laird and Ms. Degnan 

    • klaird@pasoschools.org
    • Mondays at 1:15pm


    Board Game Club with Mrs. Ehlers


    Drama Club with Mrs. Managan

    • Tlmanagan@pasoschools.org
    • First Monday of each month at 2:15


    Fitness Club with Mr. Lopez