• Student Enrollment Information
    Thank you for choosing the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District. We are excited to welcome your child to Paso Robles Joint Unified School District. When returning the enrollment packet, you must have ALL of the items below to enroll your child. We cannot accept incomplete packets.

    Enrollment Packets
    Please select an enrollment packet below. Once you have completed all the forms, bring your completed enrollment packet along with proof of student's age, student's immunizations, and proof of student's residency to our District Office between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

    You may also leave your completed packet in our drop box located to the right of our main doors or email it to our District Secretary, Norma Tabarez, at natabarez@pasoschools.org. For more information click here or call our District Office (805) 769-1000. 

  • TK/Kindergarten (English/ Spanish)

    • Preschool Experience Form
    • Health & Development History
    • Enrollment Form/Emergency Contact
    • Migrant Education Form
    • Home Language Survey
    • Student Residency Questionnaire
  • 1-12 Grades (English / Spanish)

    • Enrollment Form/Emergency Contact
    • Consent & Request to Release Records
    • Home Language Survey
    • Migrant Education Form
    • Student Residency Questionnaire
  • Additional Enrollment Information

    Student’s age
    . Please provide one of the following items to prove the student’s age:

    • Certified copy of birth record
    • Passport
    • Statement by the local registrar or county recorder certifying the date of birth
    • Baptism certificate
    • Affidavit of birth

    The district will admit children at the beginning of the school year (or whenever they move into a district) if they will be five years of age on or before September 1.

    Student’s immunizations. Please see Guide to Immunizations Required For School Entry
    If you have any questions regarding immunization, please contact Ashley Aiello, RN, District Health Coordinator, laaiello@pasoschools.org, (805) 769-1000, Ext. 30417.

    Residency. Please provide one the following items:

    • Adult’s government-issued photo identification (Driver’s license or DMV identification card) showing residence.
    • Property tax payment receipts
    • Rental property contract, lease, or payment receipts
    • Utility service contract, statements, or payment receipts
    • Pay stubs
    • Voter registration
    • Correspondence from a government agency
    • Declaration of residency executed by the parent or legal guardian of the student

    If available/applicable you may also submit copies of:

    • Transcripts or recent grade reports
    • Copy of most recent Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or Section 504 Plan
    • Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) 1399 Form or court order
    • Department of Probation placement information and/or Juvenile Court order
    • Court orders regarding legal custody, physically custody, or restricted contact with the school or child

    Alternative Education Programs
    Paso Robles Joint Unified School District offers alternative education programs in addition to tradition school programs. Students may request to be moved from a general education setting (such as Paso Robles High School) to one of the alternative settings.  Alternative Education settings include: Liberty High School, Independence High School, Paso Robles Independent Study Center (PRISC). Applications are aviailable through the student's guildance counselor.

    Program applications are then reviewed by the Alternative Education Review Committee (AERC), which consists of school counselors, assistant principals, and the Director of Student Services. The committee meets several times throughout the school year to assist with placement of students in an alternative setting. 

    If you are interested in alternative education placement for your child please contact your student's school counselor or administrator. 

    Change In Program Request
    If you would like to enroll your student in our Homeschool (TK-8) or an alternative education progam (ie, Independence High School or Liberty High School), please contact your student's principal or counselor for more information. 

    The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act requires schools to immediately enroll a homeless child or youth even if he or she is unable to provide proof of residency or age or other documentation normally required for enrollment