VAPA Mission

    Visual and Performing Arts in Paso Robles Joint Unified is a vibrant and active arts community consisting of a staff of arts teachers who engage a focused district-wide student body. Together, faculty and students form a diverse and vibrant community dedicated to life-long learning whose collective activities accomplish the following through creation of the arts:


    For Arts Students

    The pursuit and development of student strengths through curricular and co-curricular experiences built upon an understanding of both process and impact and guided by the needs of the arts professions

    For Arts Students and Faculty

    Creation, over time, of a summative body of work whose impact is recognized at the highest levels by the community, the region and the state


    For Arts Faculty

    Exploration of diverse concepts and applications of the arts through individual effort and interaction across the arts and other disciplines


    For All Students

    Exploration and appreciation of the arts, especially their ability to communicate the diversity of the human experience in unique ways through curricular and co-curricular experiences


    For the Community at Large

    Partnering and programming at the local and regional levels that enhances active student learning and faculty growth, resulting in outreach activities that enrich the lives of all citizens while showcasing the students of PRJUSD


    For the Students of The Arts Academy at Bauer Speck Elementary

    The Arts Academy at Bauer Speck Elementary will play a major role in our district’s ongoing infusion of Fine Arts for the students of Paso Robles. The Academy is going to provide dedicated Arts instruction to every student at this magnet school. Every student in every grade will receive standards-based curriculum in Drama, Music, Dance and Art. As part of their music education, every 3rd grader at Bauer Speck will receive a year-long course in piano keyboarding. In addition, all 4th and 5th grade students will be enrolled in either the school choir or band and strings. These performing groups will be showcased at district festivals and in the community. The Arts Academy at Bauer Speck will be a destination school for students and their families who desire an intensive dose of the Arts in addition to a high-quality academic education. And while the Arts Academy is our district’s VAPA magnet campus, all other elementary schools continue to bolster and infuse their sites with Fine Arts for our students!