A Message from our Interim Superintendent

  • All Staff,

    Paso Robles School District


    Dear Staff,


    The purpose of this brief note is to introduce myself to you and to inform you of what I will be working on during my time with you.

    First, as most of you probably know, I had the privilege of serving as the District Superintendent for the Paso Robles School District for nine years from 1989 to 1998 and then as the County Superintendent of Schools for our county from 1999 until my retirement in January, 2015. My wife and I live in Cambria and we have six grandchildren living from Eureka to Scotts Valley in California. Three of our four children graduated from Paso Robles High School and our oldest daughter is a teacher in the Bay Area.


    I am working as the Interim Superintendent of Schools for the District, having been employed by Dr. James Brescia, the County Superintendent of Schools, and with the approval of the District Board of Trustees. I will report to Dr. Brescia and I will begin employment today, January 7th, with a commitment to serve until the end of the school year if needed.


    Dr. Brescia and the Board have asked me to address three general issues. First, to review and begin to implement the District’s plan to stabilize the fiscal condition of the District. As most of you are aware, the District is currently projected to be well below the required 3% reserve for this year and must make some significant reductions in expenditures in order to restore the mandated reserve and avoid a state takeover. A plan for addressing this very serious fiscal issue has been developed and reviewed by the County Office of Education in its required role as providing fiscal oversight to the District. The plan requires that some significant reductions need to be made beginning this spring and continuing next year.


    Next, I will do what I can to support you, the staff of our District, to continue to deliver high quality instruction to the 6,700 students that come to our schools each day. I know that the fiscal uncertainty and public concern about the District’s fiscal condition is very unsettling to you, the staff of the District. I will do what I can to minimize this uncertainty and distraction in order for you to do your job of helping our students. I pledge that my office will communicate directly with you regarding proposed fiscal actions and issues throughout the remainder of the school year. I and/or members of the District staff will be available to meet with you as needed.


    Finally, I will work with the Board of Trustees as they move to select a permanent Superintendent of Schools this spring. This process usually includes developing a profile of the District, advertising the position, reviewing applicants, interviewing candidates and making a selection by the Board of Trustees. The goal is to have a permanent Superintendent begin work on July 1.


    I look forward to working with you as we move forward this spring.


    Julian Crocker

    Interim Superintendent