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Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

Mission Statement: The mission of the San Luis Obispo Community Advisory Committee for Special Education is to create an inclusive community where each person is valued. We support collaboration among individuals and agencies in order to honor the dignity and promote the aspirations of diverse learners. 
The role of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is to create open and reciprocal communication between the San Luis Obispo Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) and the parents of children with special needs. The CAC serves in an advisory capacity to the SELPA community opinions, concerns, and suggestions pertaining to special education and related services to students with disabilities. The CAC strives for the acceptance of learning differences and the importance of promoting accessibility in all areas of the community. The CAC believes classroom instruction should address all ability levels and learning styles. To achieve this, the CAC represents and supports the interest of children with disabilities, their parents, educators, and our community.
The CAC serves as an advisory body to the SLO SELPA Executive Director regarding the development and review of the Local Plan, as well as any policy additions or revisions. CAC also assists with parent education and in recruiting parents and other volunteers to support activities on behalf of the individuals with exceptional needs. Local Education Agency (LEA) representative members also have the responsibility of forwarding pertinent information from the CAC to their local boards and to assist in parent awareness of the importance of school attendance. 
The CAC sponsors events and activities designed to support awareness of parent rights, services available within the community, and general disability awareness. The SELPA and CAC support Parents Help Parents (PHP) to assist in making their activities known throughout the community. The CAC provides legislative advocacy on issues affecting services to students with disabilities. The CAC informs parents about special education legislation, and special education related services for children with disabilities. 

CAC members can be parents, teachers of Special Education and General Education, other school personnel, persons with exceptional needs, and or other community members. Members are appointed by the school districts, with two additional representatives appointed by the recommendation of the SELPA Executive Director.


If you are interested in becoming a CAC member, please complete the interest form linked to the right and submit to your Districts Special Education Director. 


Majority of committee should be composed of parents of pupils with exceptional needs as well as parents of pupils participating in the local area plan.