ELAC - English Learner Advisory Committee

  • Whenever there are 21 or more English Learners at a school site, there needs to be a functioning English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC).  The school's responsibility is to help parents clearly understand the educational process so that they can positively interact with the school and thus become advocates for the education of their children.  The California Department of Education has outlined five main responsibilities for the ELAC.

    1. ELAC will conduct school needs assessment.

    2. ELAC will advise in the development and implementation of the English Learner's School Plan.

    3. ELAC will review school's language census (R30).

    4. ELAC will help make parents aware of the importance of regular school attendance.

    The school sites will hold at least 6 ELAC meetings during the school year.


    Please contact the school office for more information.