• Our School

    In the 1800’s, thousands of people rushed to California in search of gold. They sought the thrill of possessing something of great value. Almost two hundred years later, riches can still be found here. Nestled among rolling hills and surrounded by clusters of oak trees lies a treasure called Pat Butler Elementary School.

    As you drive through Paso Robles, a sparkle catches your eye. The beautifully landscaped grounds of Pat Butler capture your attention, trees blazing with golden color in fall and offering shining, fragrant blossoms in spring. Eight golden buildings surround a courtyard that welcomes you to sit a while under its shaded gazebo. Daffodil bulbs entrusted to the soil by students’ hands offer you their brilliant yellow color. The sun reflects its golden light off the windows of the surrounding buildings, beckoning you to come in to these classrooms, and strike it rich.

    As you open the door to each of these treasure boxes, you are warmed by the sense of family that is felt throughout the campus. It is a reflection of the town’s values, this welcoming, caring, helpful feeling that makes you quickly feel you are part of something special. The mission of Pat Butler is to create a cohesive community of learners dedicated to the academic achievement, and the social and emotional development, of every child, preparing them to become productive and responsible members of society with a lifelong love of learning. Consistent growth in student achievement, as evidenced by Pat Butler’s API, reflects the commitment of the staff. Butler’s teachers bring a combined total of over 400 years of teaching experience into the classroom, with an emphasis on collaboration and communication across grade levels. State Board of Education-adopted instructional materials reflect the most current research and theories in education. A challenging curriculum is provided, focused on meeting state standards and the school’s high expectations. The teaching of basic skills, cooperative learning, fine arts curriculum, and technology are presented through multi-faceted, cross-curriculum thematic units that actively involve learners and focus on the academic success of every student, including those at risk. The diverse needs of students are addressed through extensive programs to guarantee student success. Formal district assessment, along with authentic student-centered assessment including student portfolios, are used to individualize instruction. The staff is devoted to providing quality library and media services to students and families through a comprehensive library collection and a modern computer lab. The computer lab has recently been completely renovated, thanks to the funding efforts of PTA, parents, and the school district.

    Teamwork is treasured at Pat Butler. Weekly newsletters, conferences, and an active volunteer program promote the belief that parent involvement, communication, and support is a high priority in creating a superior school environment. Students, teachers, staff, and parents join together to celebrate the school community through monthly student award assemblies, family barbecues, Family Fun Nights, and Back to School Breakfasts. An active PTA raises funds to support assemblies, technology improvements, field trips, awards, and classroom enhancement. Volunteers provide valuable support in the classroom and at book fairs, fund raisers, field trips, tutoring sessions, and health screenings. Students are involved in outreach programs including Toys for Tots, Coats for Kids, canned food drives, recycling, public performances, and Big Buddy programs. Community members join us in fund-raising projects, school visitations, mentoring, and serve as role models for students. The Self-Manager program instills leadership skills to provide the community with role models for future generations.

    Pat Butler Elementary School is a treasure. You see it shining in the smile of each successful child and proud parent. You see it sparkling in the wealth of enthusiastic and creative teaching taking place here each day. Eureka! There is gold in these hills.