• Each year millions of school- aged children in the United States get head lice. Though head lice may be a nuisance, they don't cause serious illness or carry any diseases. Also, head lice can be treated at home.

    Paso Robles students will be permitted toa ttend school if they have been treated for lice.  We have abandoned the "no-nit" policy, as recommended by the California School Board Association and health agencies.  Head lice infestation does not pose a health hazard. Children have the right to attend public school, and should only be excluded if they have a communicable disease that threatens the health and safety of others.  Lice is a nuisance but it is not a health issue.  

    We will continue to send students home if they have LICE lice/bugs in their hair. We want parents to treat them as soon as possible and will allow the students to return as soon as treatment is completed (regardless of it they have nits). The district is committed to maximizing students' academic performance and phsyical well being in a healthy and safe environment.  The new policy (August 2019) based on current research will prevent unnecessary absences and the potential negative effects on academic performance.

    Head lice are tiny insects. They are about the size of a sesame seed (2–3 mm long). Their bodies are usually pale and gray, but color may vary. One "lice" is called a louse.

    Head lice feed on tiny amounts of blood from the scalp. They usually survive less than a day if not on a person's scalp. Lice lay and attach their eggs to hair close to the scalp.

    The eggs and their shell casings are called nits. They are oval (about 0.8 x 0.3 mm) and usually yellow to white. Nits are attached with a sticky substance that holds them firmly in place. After the eggs hatch, the empty nits remain attached to the hair shaft.

    Head lice live about 28 days. They can multiply quickly, laying up to 10 eggs a day. It only takes about 12 days for newly hatched eggs to reach adulthood. This cycle can repeat itself every 3 weeks if head lice are left untreated.

    Lice Education Power Point

    Paso Robles Joint Unified Board Presentatio Lice 2019

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