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    Developer Fees

    Until further notice, developer fees are to be completed by appointment only. 

    Please get in touch with Elena Davis for more information and appointments at (805) 769-1000-Ext 30105 esdavis@pasoschools.org

    Residential Fees: $4.79 per square foot and Commercial Fees: $0.78 per square foot 

    If it is from the City of Paso Robles or County of San Luis Obispo,  please be sure pages 1 and 2 are filled out and signed.  Page 2 should be signed by the owner/developer

    If it is from the County of San Luis Obispo, please ensure that Paso Robles Joint Unified is the only district listed on the form. 

    If San Miguel is also listed, you must pay fees in San Miguel. You are not required to have forms signed by Paso Robles. They will forward our portion of the fees. 

    If Pleasant Valley is also listed, you must pay fees at the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education at 3350 Education Dr. San Luis Obispo. Contact Jackie Seibert for information and appointments at 805-782-7218.


    How to pay fees:

    Make checks payable to P.R.J.U.S.D

    Option 1: Make an appointment to come to pay in person. Have the check completed and ready for payment. Once signed off, you will receive the original, a copy, and receipt of payment.

    Option 2: Email the form, and a copy of the completed check to esdavis@pasoschools.org.  You will be notified that it has been processed. You will be asked to bring payment and to collect the certified form, copies, and receipt which will be available for pick up at the front desk. 

    FEES WERE UPDATED: July 11, 2022



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