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    Free Summer Meals Program

    The new school year is here and we continue our quest to be the district of excellence! In the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District food service department, it is the mission to put belief into our school’s lunch program.  We want parents to feel they have the option whether or not to prepare their children's lunch.  We ask that you support the program by purchasing school lunch for your children. If buying a lunch is new to you, we encourage you to review the monthly menu and have your children pick a couple of days to try.

    Prices this year are:

    • $3.25 for all elementary students
    • $3.50 for middle school and high school students
    • $2.25 for breakfast for all students.

    The most convenient way to purchase school meals is to use our Paypams Program. This system enables parents to deposit money into your children’s accounts.  Each student in the district has a PIN that can be used to access their account to purchase school breakfast and lunch.  You can access Paypams by going to https://paypams.com.    

    Another addition is the online application process to qualify for free or reduced-priced lunches called Rocketscan. In the past, applications were completed every year through a paper method. This year, please fill out the online application.  After the information is validated, we will contact you to confirm your eligibility.  Please go to https://pasoschools.rocketscanapps.com  to complete your application process.



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