The Independent Skills Program (ISP)

  • The Independent Skills Program (ISP) is a community-based program within the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District that provides opportunities to young adults, aged 18-22 years, with moderate to severe special needs, to develop daily living and vocation skills, maximizing individual potential for adult independence.

     The Independent Skills Program site is a multi-room facility that includes a full kitchen, laundry machines, a classroom area, computer cubicles and a living-leisure space.  Clients are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the site.  Individually and in groups, clients budget, shop, prep and prepare meals.  Classroom lessons include schedule planning, Visual and Performing Arts, and social/professional development.  Clients engage in health and fitness activities as well as enriching leisure pastimes such as reading, cards, ping pong and dance.

     In the community, clients learn how to navigate and ride the bus; often taking the bus to job sites, Special Olympics practice and local restaurants for community lunch.  ISP has regularly scheduled work opportunities at PRJUSD’s Culinary, Liberty Garden, Conservation Ambassadors at Zoo-2-You, Chili’s, the Children’s Museum and the Paso Robles Safety Center.  Clients at ISP also practice civic virtue with community beautification projects, cleaning up bus stops, parking lots, and public sidewalks.  

     The Work Services Program at ISP works in partnership with the Department of Rehabilitation to provide clients with a paid internship at various businesses in San Luis Obispo County that have the potential to lead to permanent employment.  

     The Independence Skills Program recognizes the individual capabilities of each client and strives to instill the confidence and independence necessary for self-advocacy, leadership, teamwork and life-long accomplishment.