History- Social Science



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    History-Social Science Framework

    The History-Social Science Curriculum Framework was adopted by the State Board of Education on July 14, 2016.The subject areas covered in this framework offer students the opportunity to learn about the world and their place in it, think critically, read, write, and communicate clearly. History, Civics and Government, Geography, and Economics, are integral to our shared mission of preparing California’s children for college, careers, and civic life.



    History Project UC Davis

    Provides recommended websites to support teachers to perfect the craft of teaching history.


    Facing History and Ourselves

    “Empowers students to think critically about history and understand the impact of their choices.”



    Best of History Websites

    Provides access to more than 700 of the best history resources online. Organized into 10 categories.  Includes lesson plans, maps, quizzes, etc.



    Games and other activities to get students to learn about and participate in civil life.





    Best practices in using primary sources.


    Google Arts and Culture

    Explore collections from around the world.  Created by the Google Cultural Institute. 


    Engagement Strategies

    Teach Hub: Tips and tricks 

    UNC: Social studies strategies