What to do if there is an injury while on the job

    (Student/non-employee injuries are documented using the Confidential School Incident Investigation Form & emailed to Pam Foster, pdfoster@pasoschools.org in Student Services.) 


    All injuries must be documented.


    FIRST: The administrator together with the injured employee MUST CALL 24/7 NURSE LINE 1-855-519-8472  to triage injury and provide appropriate direction.  IF, medical attention is need, Nurse Line will send a report to our Workers' Comp medical provider immediately after you hang up.  

    The site administrator, together with the injured employee will complete the Supervisor's Accident Investigation Report as well, then email it to esdavis@pasoschools.orwithin 24-HRS of the injury.


    IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE MEDICAL EVALUATION: The injured employee must physically go see Elena Davis at the District Office with the medical paperwork received, the Return-To-Work (RTW) form for review.  Depending on the RTW, a California state Workers' Compensation claim form is initiated during this time at the DO. Additionally, if a prescription has been written for medication, a form will also be provided so no out-of-pocket cost is incurred by the injured employee.

    ADMINISTRATORS:  Do not allow the injured employee to return to work without first sending them to Elena Davis at the DO, especially if you know they have work restrictions on the RTW.


    If it is a personal injury and you cannot work, talk with HR. 

    INJURIES ON THE JOB, see Workers' Comp Clerk.



    Injured employees that feel that they do not need to seek medical attention, must still call 24/7 . A Supervisor's Accident Investigation Report still needs to be completed along with a Refusal of Medical Treatment Form.  Should the injured employee later decides they need to get a medical evaluation, they can follow up with 24/7 Nurse Line using their personal ID provided.  This is a much smoother, easier AND faster service than trying to find staff to get a medical referral.


    Take note:

    1. You have been told an employee was injured but does not want to make a report.
    2. If they told you about it, they just made a report to you. You are now required to document the injury with a report anytime a work-related injury is reported to you.
    3. Any incident or injury that occurs on a district site or at a district-sponsored event needs to be reported.


    Do not hesitate to reach out to Elena Davis, Worker's Comp Coordinator at extension, 30105, with any questions.


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