Career Technical Education (CTE) in Paso Robles Joint Unified School District is designed to provide a 21st century, rigorous and relevant TK-12 education, which prepares students to be both College AND Career ready!   Career Technical Education courses, with work based learning opportunities, provide experiences for students to learn the skills necessary to be successful in 21st century industry and higher education. Our goal is that every student at Paso Robles Joint  Unified School District will have success in college, career and community!  

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    District Belief, Mission, Vision and Goals

    Belief: Every student will have success.

    Vision: Every student will be prepared for success in college, career and community.

    Mission: Our mission is to deliver an exemplary education, in career, and community in a safe environment, which empowers students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success in an ever-changing world.

    Goal 1: Student Success and Student Achievement  Every year, every student will attain mastery learning of skills andconcepts provided through engaging and challenging best practiceinstruction in a system that provides social and emotional support asevidenced by student outcome data.

    Goal 2: Staff Recruitment and Professional Development for Student Success and Student Achievement Every year, every staff member will be recruited, hired, and retained basedupon coherence in knowledge, practice, and beliefs about student learning,instructional best practice, assessment to guide decision-making, andcontinuous improvement for increased student learning.

    Goal 3: Support Systems for Student Success and Student Achievement Every year, every support system, department, and staff member will befocused on providing resources and assistance necessary to ensure that systems enhance student learning.Student Success and Student Achievement


    Our Career Technical Education programs are dedicated to achieving our District goals and additionally have identified goals and committments needed to enhance and develop our CTE programs in PRJUSD.

    The following committments and goals in the area of Career Technical Education are the focus of the PRJUSD Career Technical Education Plan and PRJUSD:


    • Support the creation of quality career and technical education programs, with a focus on career and technical education and job readiness skills.
    • Assist educators with professional development, educational research and inquiry, curriculum development and student leadership.
    • Encourage partnerships involving students, parents, community members, business, industry, labor, and professional organizations.
    • Provide quality resources to educators and students that improve classroom learning for all learners.
    • Guide the creation of pathways for those who face additional barriers to accessing high-skilled, high wage career opportunities.
    • Support student-led organizations that demonstrate academic achievement, technical skill, leadership, community building and productive citizenship.


    Goal 1: Each Industry sector at Paso Robles High School will produce 21st century learners and community members who integrate technological skills into their pathways tied to local economy.

    Goal 2 : Each Industry sector at  Paso Robles High School will link to multiple post-secondary career and college choices for our students through work based learning, certification, and apprenticeships.

    Goal 3:  Paso Robles High School will demonstrate both college AND career readiness by increased A-G courses, dual enrollment opportunities, and articulation agreements.

    Goal 4:  Each Industry sector at Paso Robles High School will be connected to a CTSO which promotes leadership opportunities, a mastery of technical skills and community connections.

    Goal 5: Paso Robles Joint Unified School District will have fully articulated 6-14 college AND career counseling, administrative and community supports for ALL students.