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    How do you know if the Online Academy will be right for you?


    It is important to recognize that not all students are good candidates for online classes.
    Some students learn better in a traditional setting while others thrive in non-traditional
    learning environments. Knowing what type of learner you are is very important!
    However, with the right motivation and teacher support, all things are possible!


    The statements below represent simple descriptions of students
    who could be great candidates for the Online Academy:

    check I would like to take Cuesta classes to get a jump start on my AA degree.

    check I would like to start taking certificate courses at Cuesta while I am finishing high school.

    check I want to go to college but I am really unhappy attending a traditional high school.

    check I travel to Los Angeles a lot for auditions.

    check I travel often for rodeo competitions and motocross.

    check I am a competitive gymnast and I practice during the regular school day. 

    check I care for sick family members and need a flexible schedule for doctor appointments.