Walk On Coaching Packet

    • Give all coaches the appropriate Volunteer and/or Walk-On Coaching Packet and have them begin the process of getting cleared through HR prior to practice.  At this time, they should be working on getting CPR and first aid, concussion (free), heat acclimation (free) and sudden cardiac arrest (free) online certifications completed (steps included on this web page).
    • Athletic Directors meet with coach to review Volunteer and/or Walk-On Coaching Packet based on stipend payment status.
    • AD should review district policies, mission, vision and core values for athletics.
    • AD should review sign and have the principal sign the front cover of the packet.  
      • All packets can be found on the Human Resources webpage under link. Athletic Director and Site Principal sign off on cover sheet of packet and instruct coach to schedule an appointment with HR and pick up fingerprint request form. This form is needed to ensure you will not have to pay for your prints.
    • Coach must bring COMPLETED coaching packet,  driver’s license, CA ID card and social security card and TB clearance to the HR office.
    • HR will give them a fingerprint request form which will allow the coach to be fingerprinted for free.
    • No coach will be allowed to be on the field until cleared.
    • All coaches must sign a contract, be completely cleared by HR and listed on the coaches roster in order to receive a stipend. Check with your AD to ensure these have occurred.  

    Walk on Coaching Packet

    Debi Weber Contact Information HR

    P: (805) 769 -1000 Ext. 30118               Email: dweber@pasoschools.org

Human Resource Clearance

  • 1. Complete and Hand In Walk On Packet to HR

    2. CPR/First Aid:  

    The district offers CPR and First Aid classes throughout the school year. Please contact the Human Resources Department for more information and the next class date. If you already have a CPR/First Aid card issued to you by the American Red Cross, please include with your coach packet.  

    • Head coaches are required to attend CPR/First Aid Training with an instructor.  
    • Assistant coaches may complete these courses online at www.cprtoday.com. This is the only online CPR/First Aid course accepted by the district.

    3. Cardiac Science Training:  

    Online certification is available at: www.sportsafetyinternational.org/cardiacwise

    Please follow the following steps to do the Cardiac Science Training.  

    • Click on CardiacWise 2.0
    • Add to cart.  
    • Proceed to checkout
    • Complete contact information and set login and password
    • Complete purchase
    • Start Browsing course
    • Cardiac Wise
    • Open
    • Click “I agree”

    Upon completion of course, please obtain and print certificate.

    4. Concussion Training:  

    Online certification is available at: www.nfhslearn.com

    * In the “Search for Courses” box search for:   Concussion in Sports

    Course Outline

    Unit 1:  Concussion Overview (3 Sections)

    Unit 2:  The Problem (3 Sections)

    Unit 3:  Your Responsibilities (4 Sections)

    Unit 4:  Review (2 Sections)

    Upon completion of course, please obtain and print certificate.

    5. CIF Training: (For Middle & High School Coaches ONLY. This is a one time certificate)  

    • The purpose of the CIF Coaching Education Program is to enhance the experience of student-athletes by assuring that their coaches meet a minimum level of professional training. The program provides strong, pragmatic and comprehensive instruction for coaches of interscholastic athletics in California that is consistent with the highest national standards as set by the legislature, state Department of Education, California Interscholastic Federation and National Federation of State High School Associations.The primary requirements for coaching high school sports in California are:1. A General Coaching Education Course.  The most commonly utilized courses are:
  • Crimson Crew


Injuries at Practice

  • If a student athlete is injured please complete the incident report form and give a copy to the Adminstration, Nurse or Athletics Trainer

    Incident Report Form

Overnight Field Trip Process

Coaching Contracts

  • All PRJUSD coaches must sign a contract annually. Please ensure you have a signed contract prior to coaching. 

    PRJUSD Coaching Contract

    Employee Contract

    Walk On Coaching Contract (Non Employees)

    Walk On Contract