Doing Business with Paso Robles Joint Unified School District

  • Welcome to Paso Robles Joint Unified School District (PRJUSD)

    The Paso Robles Joint Unified School District is a major purchaser of various goods and services.  With an annual budget of $69,000,000, we employ over 800 staff members and support approximately 6,700 students attending eleven school sites in preschool through twelfth grade.  PRJUSD prefers to locally source products and services when the district finds it is in the taxpayers’ best interest and the purchase or service rendered complies with all state and federal procurement requirements.

    What does PRJUSD purchase?

    The needs of PRJUSD are quite diverse and include basic instructional materials, educational toys and games, athletic supplies, furniture, audio/visual equipment, office supplies, computer hardware/software, maintenance supplies and equipment, custodial supplies, and transportation supplies and equipment.  The Food Services Department purchases food (perishable foodstuff, seasonal commodities, dry goods), food-related supplies, paper products and packaging, and food service equipment.  The Facilities Department and Maintenance, Operations Department seek contractors for school building repair, renovation, construction, and other site improvements.

    Purchasing Policy

    A purchase order (P.O.), properly numbered, signed, and authorized by the Superintendent or designee, is the only document by which PRJUSD obligates itself to a vendor. The Superintendent or designee are the only persons authorized to sign purchase orders and all signed purchase orders must be issued through the Purchasing Department.

    Vendors are strongly advised not to provide materials or services to the district without first obtaining an authorized purchase order from the Purchasing Department.  Purchases made in the name of the district without an authorized P.O. may be considered a donation to the district or a personal obligation of the person making the purchase and not an obligation of the district.

    Become a District Vendor

    The district manages a centralized Purchasing Office who has the general responsibility for the purchase of all material, supplies, equipment, and services. PRJUSD maintains a competitive environment in its approach to procurement and requests all vendors first contact Purchasing for directions and advice before making any sales presentations.  To conserve time and ensure the vendor adequate attention, we urge all vendors to make an appointment before coming to the Purchasing Office.

    To be placed on PRJUSD’s potential vendor list please complete the PRJUSD Purchasing Supplier Directory form and mail it to:

    PRJUSD Purchasing

    800 Niblick Road

    Paso Robles, CA 93446

    For PRJUSD’s public works project information, please visit our Contractor Bid/Request for Proposal Information webpage.

    Other Business Opportunities

    PRJUSD may utilize various cooperative purchasing agreements. You are welcome to contact the organizations listed to the right on how to become one of their vendors.

Vendor Packet