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  • Welcome to Bearkitten Preschool for Paso Robles High School!

    Bearkiten Preschool is a lab preschool offered to children from the community. PRJUSD employees receive priority on our waiting list as well as Bearkitten alumni and children enrolled in our district Little PEPers program. The preschool is offered Monday, Tuesday and Fridays half day. It begins September and runs through the first week of June. Tuition is paid three times a year in September, November and February. If you are interested in enrolling your child, please submit the online Bearkitten Preschool Application and visit the preschool to make sure it's an appropriate fit for your family. We have moved to a new location on the high school campus and are now in rooms 331 and 332. Our classroom phone number is 769-1500 Extension 50331.

    The Education and Child Development pathways are offered to tenth through twelth grade students at Paso Robles High School. These students are the student teachers in the program under the direction of Brenda Matthysse, the CTE Education and Child Development Instructor. The focus is to prepare students for a career working with young children in the workplace or moving onto college. Students have the opportunity to learn and practice guidance and teaching techniques in various settings. Training will take place at the on-campus Bearkitten Preschool or at local community schools (requires own transportation). In these courses, students will teach in the lab preschool environment three days a week and have two days a week devoted to learning positive guidance and curriculum planning.  Students enrolled in these courses may also compete in the SKILLS USA competition for Early Childhood Education, Job Interview and other leadership courses.

    Bearkitten Preschool offers children and famiies a unique environment with a great adult-child ratio, lots of hands-on learning and a rich, developmentally appropriate environment.

    For more information, please contact Brenda Matthysse at

    Bearkitten Preschool Application 

    Bearkitten Preschool Manual

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