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West Hills College FFA Field Day Results



This past Saturday, the Paso Robles FFA Welding Team traveled up to West Hills College in Coalinga for the Spring 2017 FFA Field Day.  Sixteen teams with sixty-five competitors attended that day for the welding contest.  Students were required to weld samples using Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, and Oxygen-Acetylene Welding.  On top of the skilled-based rotations, each student had to take a fifty question general knowledge test, analyze weld defects and industry identification in the Weld Inspection Rotation, fill out a job application on-site, turn in their portfolio, and take a general math test.  

Paso Robles FFA took first place as a team this round with members consisting of;
Iver Hansen- First Place Individual
Shane Terra- Second Place Individual
Zac Alves- Eleventh Place Individual 
Triston Erickson- Fourteenth Place Individual
This was another great showing by our veteran FFA students, but especially for Triston who is a ninth grader/ attending his first FFA competition ever.  That marks the highest placing by a first time member from our chapter in an FFA Welding Contest.  This also marks the fifth consecutive FFA Field Day win for our students.  Please congratulate them on this new milestone of achievement.    
Attached is a sample of our FFA Welding Portfolio that students are required to bring to each contest and have scored. 
This coming Saturday we will be traveling up to Northern California for the Chico State/ Butte College FFA Field Day. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with events, news, and project updates from the Welding Department.