Suggested School Supplies

School Supply List

  1. Glue sticks (at least three for the year)

  2. Scissors (blunt ended for younger kids, pointed for older ones)

  3. Ballpoint pens

  4. No. 2 pencils (Stick with this classic to avoid classroom competition over whose writing utensil is the coolest — or most impractical.)

  5. Colored pencils

  6. A pencil sharpener (hand-held with a top to collect shavings)

  7. A large pink eraser (The old-fashioned ones do the best erasing.)

  8. Water-based markers

  9. A four-ounce bottle of white glue

  10. Highlighters (These are probably unnecessary for kids in kindergarten through second grade.)

  11. Spiral-bound or composition notebooks

  12. A three-ring binder

  13. Loose-leaf notebook paper (Teachers can be picky about paper. Schools usually supply specially ruled handwriting paper to help younger children with letter formation. Older children use wide-ruled paper, and some middle school students will need the college-ruled variety.)

  14. Pocket folders (If you get a folder with two pockets, label one "keep at home" and the other "bring to school" to help your child organize his papers.)

  15. Printer paper and ink cartridges (for your home computer)

  16. A ruler with English and metric measurements

  17. Scotch tape

  18. A stapler

  19. A sturdy back pack