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Aeries for Parents

 The Aeries Student Information System is a comprehensive solution that incorporates multiple technologies to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of schools, districts, and education agencies. The design and development of this robust, user-friendly system is rooted in over 40 years of experience in educational technology. Aeries is both flexible and scalable to meet and exceed the needs of both small and large districts.

Aeries Browser Interface (Teacher, Parent, & Student Portal)

For teachers, parents, and students, the Aeries Browser Interface (ABI) is available for use through any modern browser. This web-based application outputs standard HTML and can be encrypted using SSL to generate HTTPS. Supported browsers must allow cookies and support JavaScript. These include Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Netscape on a Windows workstation, and FireFox, Safari, and Netscape on a Mac.

Reasons why Paso Robles Joint Unified School District use Aeries daily to manage student data on our 6,000+ students.

Student Data
* Medical
* Discipline
* Siblings
* Emergency Contacts
* Fees / Fines
* Counseling
* Special Ed. / CASEMIS
* Intervention Tracking
* Retention Tracking
* Lockers
* Photos / ID Cards
* Custom Supplemental Data
* Language Assessment
* Free / Reduced Lunch
* Physical Fitness
* Work Permits

* Interactive Schedule Builder
* Walk-in Scheduler
* Mass Scheduling
* Master Schedule Board
* Block Scheduling
* Scheduling Priorities
* Course Request Packets
* Bell Schedule Calendar
* Scheduling in the Current
Year for Next Year

* Saves/Restores Multiple

* Elementary Scheduling
* Course Requests
* Team Teaching
* Teacher Recommendations
* Highly Qualified Teacher

* Staff Credentials
* Locator Cards

Testing / Assessment
* PreID / Load of
Standardized Tests

o - STAR (CAT-6, CST)
o - Aprenda / SABE
o - GSE
o - SAT I & II
o - ACT
* Multiple Measures
* Cluster/Strand Analysis
* Data Mining
* Test Analysis
* Dynamic Reporting
* Multi Student Data Profile
* Schl/Dist Assessments
Online Access (Browser Interface)
* Attendance
* Grades
* Gradebook
* Parent Access
* Student Access
* Counselor / Admin
* Course Requests
* Mass Email Capabilities
* PDA Access (Palm / Pocket PC)
o - Attendance
o - Student Information

Grade Reporting / Transcripts
* Calculates and Stores 15 GPAs
* Graduation Requirements
* User-Defined Report Cards
* Customizable Transcripts
* Standards-Based Report Cards
* Progress Reports
* Eligibility Reports
* Colleges
* UC / CSU Eligibility Analysis
* Selected Test Scores & Activities
* Transcript Requests
Printing / Logging

* Citizenship GPA
* Trifold Mailers / Letters /

District Integration
* Specialized District Software
* Multi-Year Enrollment Tracking
* District Level Reports

Government Reports
* CBEDS Enrollment Reports
* R-30 Language Census
* Attendance: Hourly, ADA, &

* Carl Perkins
* Class Size Reduction
* Crime Report
* Civil Rights Report
* CalPass Submission
* Daily
* Period
* Homeroom
* Positive
* Negative
* Alternative
* Continuation
* Summer
* Letter Printing for:
o - Absence
o - Truancy
o - SARB
* Course Attendance
* Enrollment History

* Daily Log
* Medical History
* Immunizations
* Hearing
* Vision
* Physicals
* Scoliosis
* Gov't Billing

* CSIS Compliant
* Field Level Security
* Textbook Inventory
* Address Verification
* Industry Leading Ad Hoc Query
* Billing / Payment Schedules
* Scrip Tracking
* Mail Merge style Custom Letters
* Multiple Label Options
* Report Printing Packets
* Microsoft Office™ Integration
* Summons Slips
* Home Language Survey

* Centralized: Client-Server/SQL
* Distributed: LAN/WAN


Aeries is a single integrated SIS software solution. There are no individual modules or additional components within Aeries. This includes all mandated state and federal reporting requirements, and the Aeries Browser Interface for parents, teachers, administrators and students. New features are fitted seamlessly into Aeries and released to our clients along with updated documentation and integrated online help. Our integrated approach streamlines implementation and updates, simplifies system administration, and provides cost effective support for the district. Some of the core features of Aeries are:
Student Demographics:
Medical, Discipline, Siblings, Contacts, Fees/Fines, Interventions / Retentions, Activities & Awards, Free/Reduced Lunch, Work Permits, Special Education / CASEMIS, Lockers, Photos, ID Cards, Supplemental Data (District Defined), Language

Aeries handles all valid California attendance accounting and reporting processes: Daily/Period, Alternative/Continuation/Summer, Absences, Truancy & SARB Letters, Course Attendance, Enrollment History.

Other Aeries Features:
Textbook Inventory, Address Validation, Multiple Label Options, Home Language Survey, Ad-Hoc Query Features, Report Printing Packets.
Walk-In Scheduler, Master Schedule Board, Course Request Packets, Schedule Next Year in Current Year Database, Saves/Restores Multiple Schedules, Highly Qualified Teacher Processing, Staff Credentials, Interactive Schedule Builder.

Grade Reporting / Transcripts:
Up to 15 GPAs, User-Defined Report Cards & Transcripts, Graduation Requirements, UC/CSU Eligibility, Transcript Requests, Standards Based Grade Reporting, Progress Reporting, Tri-fold Mailers.

Aeries Security:
Role-Based User Accounts, District-Controlled Access, Field Level Security, Parent Account Management System (PAMS), password expiration, strong password enforcement, and password hashing.
Testing & Assessment:
Pre-ID & Load of State Tests, CAT 6, Aprenda, CAHSEE, CELDT, ACT, SAT I & II, CST, GSF, Dynamic & Comprehensive Reporting, Multi-Student Data Profile, Cluster/Strand Analysis. Physical Fitness.

State & Federal Reporting:
CALPADS, Attendance, ADA, Enrollment, Carl Perkins, Morgan Hart CSR, Crime Report, Civil Rights, ASAM, NCLB, CallPass Submission.

Source Code Availability:
Source code is made available to Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Technology Department, and new versions of the source code are distributed with every new version of the software.