Summer 2011 ELD Presenter: Lisa Vallejos




Attached is a "refresher" document on topics discussed during our summer institute. Here is the list of resources in your "ELD Tool Kit":

1.Timers that are easily set to 15 second, 30 second, 1 and 2 minute increments (to support  think time/think ink time).

2.Remote Control -- (prop to encourage "turning up the volume"--for students to use public voice)

3.Lettered blocks (A,B,C,D)- students can answer multiple choice questions/100% participation check)


Foam circles in stoplight colors--I saw these at the dollar tree recently--to use for student/teacher reminder of gradual release model--"I do" , "we do", "you do-I support", "you do independently"


ELD Standard: Listening & Speaking Card: Post this and try to incorporate a language objective along with your content objective.