• Independence High School

    Mission Statement


    The mission of Independence High School is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all our students and staff; to give instruction based on student need, state curriculum, state standards, and educational research; and, to encourage students to become productive members of their community.


    Core Beliefs


    We Believe:

    • Students are our highest priority and are entitled to equal educational opportunities.
    • Each student has his/her own unique learning style and capabilities.
    • families have the primary responsibility for developing their children's morals, values and preparing them for learning.
    • A competent and dedicated staff is the primary resource for successfully educating students.
    • A safe, nurturing environment is conducive to learning.
    • Morale, satisfaction and performance are enhanced when all people work together.
    • All human beings and family units have dignity, worth, and unique contributions.
    • Our community has a right to expect our students to be literate and productive members of society.
    • Successful education is a partnership and shared responsibility of students, educators, parents/guardians, and community.
    • Public schools are the primary institution for promoting the understanding and the value of democratic ideals and principles.